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lets share notes

2016.05.03 14:09 paniniconqueso lets share notes

so I have lots of notes that I write (and consequently forget to study) when I hear or read interesting stuff. lets compare!
This is one half of one page I collected yesterday (I forgot a lot before I managed to write it down at night).
de ensueño - dream-X, sweet, awesome, crazy good. En este sitio hay lineas de ensueño, in this place there are dream lines.
de pelicula - like from a movie. Era una cita de pelicula - it was a date like from a movie, picture-perfect.
estar igual de cerca, de lejos - its just as close/far. ¿Por qué no vamos a la pizzeria a la vuelta, ya que está igual de cerca?
coger fuerzas - getting strength back.
rallarse - brood over, go over. Llevaba todo el dia rallandose por lo que le ha dicho Miguel.
-ón - a big, what a big, its a fine X, damn fine X. This is used a LOT. Like a lot, me and my friends were walking past a big boulder (bloque) and one of them said ¡qué blokon!
meter la caña - from context (encouragement to a boulderer struggling to hold on), I gather it is like dar caña, go for it, hold on, give it everything, bite down, go hard.
comentar - in English, comment is quite formal, but its like mencionar in Spanish. Ahora que comentas...now that you mention it, bring it up...
quedar - me queda muy lejos. You should come meet me in Metropolitano. No puedo, me queda muy lejos - It's too far for me.
dippear - pringar, dip chips.
torrar - roast. OUF, hace un calor que te torra! Estoy torrando.
pelete - fucking cold. OUF, hace pelete...ouf, hace un frio que pela.
Ponerse de cuclillas - squat. Es más saludable ponerse de cuclillas a la hora de cagar.
a full - chockablock, gonna be completely packed. El parking va a estar a full, va a estar petado.
¡Quita! - Scram, get out, move (to a dog).
Tardamos nada en bajar - We'll be right there,
manda cojones - the way my friends explained it to me is that for example if you manage to do something hat no one expected you to do, then you say in surprise, ¡manda cojones!. OR if you do something that directly affects another person negatively, ¡manda cojones!. I think it is like the English what the FUCK!
échale narices - they say its the equivalent of sé valiente.
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